Awesome Organic Flu Remedies and Prevention

We have plunged into the ocean depths, climbed the highest peaks and even left our footprints on the moon. We tend to claim an absolute right to self determination and resolutely forge the globe to suit our needs. Yes indeed, man is high of the pile. Yet a little bug continues to confound and defeat our best efforts to bludgeon it into submission. Influenza or the common or garden flu, still resists all of mans best laid plans to relegate it to a dusty exhibit in the natural sciences museum and most likely will incessantly.

Flu affects a lot of folks each year and is believed to have an effect on up to fifty persen of the population of countries like the US every winter. The virus is predominantly airborne and can survive, un-hosted, in that surroundings for hours. Using the one medium we have a tendency to cannot survive while not as a transfer vehicle, influenza incorporates a sure hearth survival and propagation mechanism and has proven exceptionally tough to contain. Therefore, what do we tend to do about this pesky parasite? Do we just resign ourselves to the sneezing, sore throats and coughing, or is there something we have a tendency to will do to strengthen the ramparts and keep the limited beast at bay? And even higher, a way to try to to it that does not soak us in enough antibiotics and different medication to cause us to glow in the dark? Fortunately there are many natural flu remedies and preventative measures.

Flu, like most bullies, can seldom pick on the brawny star linebacker. It will initial seek out the weak and therefore the vulnerable among us, so our initial line of defence ought to be our own immune systems. A robust, normally functioning immune system is no guarantee that you'll not contract all flu strains, however can undoubtedly obstruct most. As a matter of truth, boosting or assisting or immune systems should be a life long normal in our quest for higher health. Let's have a look at a number of non drug based, natural flu remedies.

Detoxification: This is a necessary initial line natural flu remedy. Fighting off elevated toxicity levels drains our immune systems and can become a chink within the armour allowing flu to take hold. Try embarking on a detoxification program within the Fall and spring. This can lighten the load for your immune system and create it easier for you to resist opportunistic infections.

Sugar: Try and prevent or even eliminate sugar altogether from your diet throughout the run up to flu open season. Sugar can suppress the immune system by raising insulin levels which in flip inhibit the release of growth hormones. It also competes with vitamin C for absorption by the white blood cells which are our main defence mechanism at a cellular level. Not solely is this a smart natural flu remedy however a necessary overall health tip.

Diet: A diet wealthy in fruit and vegetables is additionally an excellent natural flu remedy. They are a ready supply of immune system boosting vitamins and minerals that go a protracted way to bolstering our body's natural defences.

Hydration: Keep your body hydrated. An adequate provide of unpolluted water assists our bodies to eliminate toxins and will convince be the only natural flu remedy.

Exercise and Sunshine: Daily exercise aids within the promotion of general physical and mental health and strength. Sunlight causes our bodies to produce vitamin D and one should take a vitamin D supplement if obtaining out into the sun on an everyday basis is not an option.

Sleep: Adequate sleep allows for our bodies, in specific our immune systems to recharge. Most of our sleep connected healing takes place between ten pm and 3 am thus the recent adage regarding early to bed holds true. Sleep derivation is additionally not something you'll create up for therefore don't get into the habit of burning the candle at both ends.

Vitamins: Vitamin C is one in every of the most effective weapons in our bodies natural defence arsenal. A sensible, reputable vitamin supplement is a vital natural flu remedy.

If our persistent very little viral friend will penetrate your defences and you do come back down with flu, there are 2 organic or natural flu remedies one can bear in mind.

Oregano oil: A drop of oregano oil in an oz. of warm water can be used as an inhalant to clear nasal congestion. three to five drops of the mixture in a gel or veggie capsule will be taken orally as an analgesic. Oregano oil is an effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral and pain killing natural flu remedy.

Hydration: Yet again, sustain your fluid intake. Plenty of fresh vegetable juice or pure water keeps up fluid levels, replenishes vitamins electrolytes and minerals and flushes out toxins.

Fruit: At this time in the battle your body wants all the vitamin C it will get so lots of contemporary, vitamin C wealthy fruit will aid in banishing the flu bug in brief order. Avoid juicing the fruit which will result in insulin spikes. Rather eat the full fruit.

Natural Liquorice Extracts: Liquorice tablets, capsules or liquid are smart natural flu remedies as they act as an expectorant and aid in relieving throat and nasal irritation. Liquorice root can additionally be taken in an infusion as a herbal tea.

Echinacea: Echinacea tablets or tea addresses sore throat and coughing and can additionally boost the immune system shortening the period of infection.

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